miercuri, 18 februarie 2009

Eu despre cativa dintre Ei :)

La un moment dat, acum vreun an jumate, asta am scris despre cateva din cele mai dragi persoane mie. astea mi s-au parut funny:
..."My friend, there are two babies in here!" No one knew there are 2 lives waiting to happen in my mother's womb, till the day of the c-section. Together, me and my sister had the weight of a normal baby:3.6 kilos. When seeing us my cousin's reaction was: "Ok, I saw the dolls, where are the real babies?!" Now, we are 20 years old students, living in different countries, being totally different yet totally alike, we are best friends and the worst enemies when in a fight.She cares too much about what other people say about her, she tries too much to please everyone.This treatment does not apply for me of course, I am the only one who has to face the dark side of her. There is not much to say because she is a part of me and it is so hard to talk about yourself.
My lovely mother, who found herself at the age of 21 with two newborn children in her lap. She is my hero because she succeeded to raise us so well and because she always had such a tight relationship with us, . She can still successfully make us feel bad about things we five minutes before were sure we didn't do, and that I think takes a lot of skills and effort:) Mom, Silvia and I were for so many years the perfect trio, even though there was not a single day without at least two of us starting a fight. I think most of the times was my fault, I tend to fight a lot with the people I really care about.I astonished myself when I realized that in my relationships with others I tend to make the same mistakes my mother does. Of course , she and I don't make only mistakes, but these are strikingly similar. It's funny because I am always there to tell my mother YOU ARE WRONG! but I tend to do the same mistakes all over again. This is something I have to work on, even though I am in a serious doubt I will be able to change.
"BAU BAU si rata cade, bau bau si rata cade!" My dreamy father, always making us laugh even when we found ourselves in a foreign country with all our money and our passports stolen. I am surrounded by boys who have an incredible sense of humor and that is because since I was a little girl, my father got me used to laughing all the time. He is obsessed about his job, about photography and about weather. He is the kind of person who doesn't talk about weather just because he has no other conversation topic but because he finds weather fascinating.He has done thousands of photos these past few years and a lot of them were voted Pic of the DAy, of the WEEk, of the Month, Year on numerous websites like nationalgeographic.com and accuweather. He is an engineer and he supervises shipbuilding. I always impress everyone when I tell them my father's job. They are not that impressed when they here my mother is a dentist but that is because they have preconceptions about this job and haven't seen my mother working. She puts up with me!!! the most annoying patient ever.
"Alecsis is going to be a beautiful woman someday..."-almost ten years ago,first school day, my fifth grade. A dark skin, silent girl was chosen by the form teacher to be my sister's desk mate. She started crying because she did not know my sister and wanted to share the desk with another girl. My mother is the one I quoted at the beginning of the paragraph. This was her reaction when she first saw Alecsis. My sister and I were skeptical about this. Who knew that ten years after this, we would comfort her when she said that Mongolia is in Africa " Alecsis, you are too beautiful to need knowledge." She seems to be the opposite of Silvia when dating, she is the one that falls too easy .When it comes for boys, she is a total sucker but hey, there is no way you can change Alecsis' mind whenever she has an idea. " Alecsis, he is no good, he will make you cry!" "NO! I know he really likes me so leave me alone!" Oh, well, we finally got used to the idea that she will not listen to us and we can only be there when she starts crying.
"Do you want to be my sister's best friend?" In the first day of high-school, my sister was trying to find me a desk mate because my former desk mate and best friend had changed schools. Raisa was the one who was being asked. Thank God she said yes, 6 years have past,now I live in Belgium, she lives in Spain but we still know everything there is to know about each other - the wonder of messenger and Skype - we love each other,see each other as much as possible and argue a whole lot. I make fun of her a lot and that is why I love her. Because she is smart and yet so incredibly dumb."Vai Raisa" is the most common exclamation I use when talking to her. Yet, she understands me so well and she is the only one I can race in a poetry learning contest.She is the only one that understands a poem exactly like I do, she is the only one who appreciates a paragraph in a book that I like and she is the only one that can help me come up with a stupid plan which of course only me and her understand and think it will work. Oh, and her best quality is that you can tell her any secret, she will forget it in the morning! Ok, not really but it can be really frustrating when she comes from a first date, we want to know every word in the conversation she had with the guy and she only remembers the way he said HI!
" Can you stay 10 more minutes after class? I need to talk to you two." Hate is what brought us together with Flavia.Hmmm. Raisa and I joined the debate club. There are 3 debaters in a team and we were only two. We did not want to make a team with one of our classmates that we totally disliked and it turned out Flavia had the same problem. That is why she approached us. We were first team mates and afterwards best friends.Now, we live together in Brussels, study at the same university, take the same courses and do pretty much everything together...ok, not everything. We fight a lot, we laugh a lot and we see life happen. It is strange how we end up living together and didn't kill each other in the process. We are the ones that get offended too easy and say horrible things when in a fight just to feel more powerful. I need to spend more time with Flavia because I am not at the point were I apologize just to stop the fight. Taking into account I just slapped her the last time she snapped out for no reason, I can say I am far away from that objective. I thank her for giving me a glass of water every time I am too lazy to get out of bed, for listening to all my supra-realistic complains about everything and for understanding what I think without me saying a word.
" Take care boy, don't let yourself deceived by her as Adam was deceived by Eve!"- our religion teacher talking with Giulan about me.Giggling curly boy who laughs all the time and never takes anything serious. This is how i have portrayed Giulan the first time I saw him 6 years ago. Unfortunately, or fortunately as a 20 years old law student he did not change much, if at all. In the last year of high-school he was my desk mate and it could not have been more fun then it was. I slap him, he slaps me back, I slap him harder he does the same, on and on till I start screaming and he feels bad and hugs me. This is pretty much how our relationship looks like. His life means the computer game he is obsessing at a certain moment. I am so mad because he is so smart and kind and cute he is set on hiding these qualities very well. I think he is a great person but needs to change drastically. I don't know if what I said makes sense...

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