luni, 22 decembrie 2008

Vorbe intelepte spuse de oameni mari :)

Ohooo! Ieri, prin nu stiu ce miracol (cred ca sarbatorile sunt de vina) m-am apucat din proprie initiativa de curatenie. Si bine am facut, caci am dat peste niste insemnari din primul an de facultate, niste vorbe mari spuse de un profesor de legislatie, Dr. Schwarzkopf!

"The masses are asses!"

"I hope you're going to be better than your parents, because they failed! They could give a damn!"

"Bergstrasse is one of the richest streets in all Germany. You live on the millionaires' avenue!"

"In Missouri one woman was wiped out three times by the river. How stupid can that woman be???"

"Sometimes, you have to give people something to lose. If you have nothing to lose, you can rape, reap and plunder without giving a hoot!"

"Women are worn out - all this housework and having children and having sex wears them out!"

"Don't be a slave to each other! Have respect for each other. Love and protect each other! And be mature! And be responsible!"

"There is a relationship between how educated a woman is and how much she puts up with the bull of a macho man!"

"Just look at all the machos in this room: strong, potent, money producing men!"

"Real estate for women is a wonderful thing: you can work and still have your bambinos at home."

"When he marries you bang-bang the children come!"

"That is why you all are like a Teflon frying pan - NOTHING STICKS!"

"You must realize you live and breathe for property."

"What do you know? None of you had to grow a tomato or a carrot!"

"You, as an educated person, which you are NOT!"

"We have 6 million dead Germans every year. Do we have coffins for all of them?"

Profu: "Do you want to rot, do you want the worms to come in and eat you? do yo want to explode from all the gases??(...) Those are the problems you are confronted with! And then you decide: Ok, I'm gonna get cremated."
Eu cu Andre: "Ha ha"
El: "You might laugh, but you might be dead tomorrow, my dear!"

"All of you are raw diamonds. I want to give you a few cuts. I want to cut you a little bit so you can sparkle."

"Life is life, la la la la la - 1995, that was the hit!"

"In Switzerland you show your wealth by the watch you wear."

"Art is like fraud: there is no definition of it."

"I've been in the art industry fro years and I can tell you - 99% of people are blind!"

"A woman has to have issue with a man. I-S-S-U-E. What does issue mean? A CHILD!"

Si pe final, cateva citate ale lui Dr. Solar, un profesor de-al nostru din Bruxelles:

"You'll discover that pharmaceutical companies produce drugs for rich country diseases!"

"Painkillers are great for such companies! People buy them and they keep taking them!"

"Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in curing diseases."

"Marginal propensity to consume... now THAT'S A HORRIBLE WORD!"

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Anonim spunea...

ce anume studiati voi acolo cu sârg si spor spre al tarii viitor?

Flavia spunea...

haha, facem business management si studii europene. numai ca la schwarzkopf ii placeau subiectele offtopic mai mult decat business law :)